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Signs That Your Foundation Needs to be Repaired

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The foundation is an important structural component in every building, so it should constructed to stay standing still for a very long time. If you still see houses that are hundreds of years old, they have probably a well-constructed and strong foundation. Like the entire house or any structure, the foundation is not perfect. Sometimes natural forces take their tool, and that’s when the foundation can fail.

Thankfully, there’s foundation repair Enid professional that can do the repairs if ever your foundation experiences some problem. Remember that human neglect can also worsen the situation. You may not know where to look, but you can always learn. The longer the minor issues are not attended, the severe they will be. You will spend thousands of dollars for the total replacement in which you can just spend hundreds of dollars for a repair.

Detecting Minor Issues

The major issues came from minor issues, issues that homeowners neglected or left unnoticed. Either way, you can inform yourself about the early signs of damage so you can prepare yourself from the cost of repair. Check your doors and windows, if you notice that they get stuck when you close or open them, the frames are on too much pressure from the shifting foundation.

Check the wall for cracks. Take note of the kinds of cracks you see and describe them as much as possible, so when you talk to the professional you can easily explain it to them. If you’re currently experiencing an uncomfortable indoor quality, go check your crawlspace of basement for the signs of moisture and water.

Most of these signs are not directly associated to the issues your foundation is having, but they could be an indication that there’s something wrong. Trace the main source of these issues. Most of the time, the ground shifting can be blamed to the natural forces. But the soil contracts and pressured the wall when too much water has penetrated in the foundation.

The soil naturally expands because it absorbs water for minerals or nutrients. This happens double especially if you have trees and plants nearby that need water to grow. The soil increases in volume, the more it does that the more it absorbs water and the cycle goes on. Just imagine the sponge you have at time. Have you noticed how it expands when wet and shrinks when dry? The same thing happens to the soil.

That’s the reason why you also need a water control program so the soil isn’t too dry or too wet. Once the foundation experiences such problem, it creates crack. You should always check your foundation for moisture build-up. Moisture is a breeding ground of mold and mildew, which creates a musty odor. If there are roaches and bugs, that’s another sign of moisture penetration.

The signs of foundation damage can not only be noticed in the interior of the house, it’s also better to check the exterior and the basement too. Having a regular inspection won’t hurt, you will only spend a couple of dollars for it.

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